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BREAKING: Max B Convicted.

June 9, 2009


According to reports, former Dipset member Max B has been convicted on 9 of 11 counts that include murder, robbery, and kidnapping that stem from a 2006 incident in New Jersey. His lawyer has released an utterly ridiculous statement, reprinted here for your reading pleasure.

“Max B would like to first thank all his family, friends and fans that have supported him throughout this trial.  Please don’t give up on him at this point.  Although the jury has spoken and Max has been convicted of felony murder, kidnapping, robbery and conspiracy a swift and successful appeal shall follow.  It is inconceivable that a jury would convict Max under the facts presented by the State.  Even Gina Conway the State’s own witness testified that Max knew nothing of a robbery. Ms. Conway, a jilted lover and proven liar, said so at the trial itself.  Max said after the verdict was read that he is confident that justice will eventually be served and he will be free.  Max intends to continue putting out music for his fans while the appeal process grinds along.  Although shocked by the verdict, Max remained grateful.”

Let’s take a closer look at the handiwork of Gerald M. Saluti, Esq. First off, he promises a “swift” appeal in a process that he later says will “grind along.”  Sloppy, but Mr. Saluti is here for his legal prowess, not wordsmithery. Along the same linguistic lines, he calls the jury’s decision “inconceivable.” His lack of imagination notwithstanding, it happened. But okay, the most nettlesome part of his statement is when he boasts that state witness Gina Conway “testified that Max knew nothing of a robbery” — right before calling her a PROVEN LIAR. With such an array of bloviated contradictions, Saluti is like the KRS-One of legal statements.

Anyway, Vibe might be re-posting the profile I did on Max from a couple issues ago. I’ll link it if they do. There isn’t an enormous amount of information in that article about the case (he wasn’t willing to talk about it) but it is mentioned. All in all, this is obviously an un-wavy situation for everyone. Biggavelli is a talented artist who showed me nothing but hospitality, so let’s just hope justice is administered as fairly as possible in this case.

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  1. SUGAR permalink
    June 18, 2009 3:24 pm

    I am glad i got to see Max b. when he came to the ROC , May 29th 2009. He is a very talented rapper and my favorite too! A word to the wise, be careful the company you keep. When you play with snakes you will eventually get bit!! I hope that max wins his appeal. I do believe he is innocent. Hold your head Max. Many fans will miss you!! SUGAR

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