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MP3: Major Lazer – “Hold the Line.”

April 30, 2009


Here’s a leaked album cut from the Diplo/Switch project. We’re all fanning out about having two guys who produced for M.I.A. in the same room, drinking out of the same Gatorade bottle, handing each other handfuls of Tropical Skittles, giving one another masculine yet tender back rubs, high-fiving ironically, going out for Camel Ultra-Light smoke breaks, giggling deep into the night, high-fiving with genuine enthusiasm, borrowing each other’s razor blades, rolling woolies, bartering goats, sampling the sound of eyelashes blinking, fighting Chinese kites, turning into anthropological robots who learn to love, watching Jada Pinkett-Smith on “Hawthorne” as we’ve never seen her before, fishing for compliments from Brooklyn Vegan, trying on each other’s sandals, and makin’ dope beats.

Major Lazer – “Hold the Line.”

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