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MP3: Curren$y – “Scared of Monsters”.

April 27, 2009


With little fanfare, Louisiana streetwear rapper and former Weezy acolyte Curren$y put out a pretty good album. It’s imperfect (too long, some questionable hooks) but he’s competant and the beats bang with that modular Neptunes energy.

Curren$y – “Scared of Monsters”


MP3: Eminem – “3 AM.”

April 24, 2009

Not sure when Eminem started sounding like a Leeds native with Down’s Syndrome, but the rhyme schemes are nicely baroque. Hats off to a rapper who sounds like he composed his little raps at least half an hour before committing them to ProTools. I went to Google to find an image of him, but the selection was so filled with cringe-inducing Shady sweatshirts and other grossness that we’re going picture-free!

Eminem – “3 AM.”

Video: Passion Pit – “The Reeling.”

April 23, 2009

Wamp, wamp. I’m all set for Passion Pit’s debut full-length to become the album that accompanies drinking Bud cans on rooftops and sweating through armpits. Don’t disappoint.

MP3: Polly Scattergood – “Please Don’t Touch” Golden Filter Rmx.

April 14, 2009


Since popping up last year, The Golden Filter has been busy bundling up remixes in shimmering delays and arpy basslines. It’s all very pristine — like aural blow taken before 4AM. Below: their take on UK singer chick Polly Scattergood‘s “Please Don’t Touch.”

Polly Scattergood – “Please Don’t Touch” Golden Filter Rmx

MP3: Amanda Blank – “Might Like You Better.”

April 13, 2009


So she’s alive after all. Growling saw synths, stuttered vocal snippets and raunchy lyrics. What up, Philly?

Amanda Blank – “Might Like You Better”

What Does Common’s New Cologne Smell Like?

April 8, 2009


According to RapRadar, Common is back with yet another shameless shill! Not content to rest on the plush, paisley laurels of his SoftWear clothing deal with MicroSoft, the veteran musician is peddling Diesel cologne that comes in a “black fist” container. In the ad above, you’ll note that he’s wearing his “bad ass” costume from Smoking Aces, one of the worst movies in cinematic history. What does this revolutionary perfume smell like?

  • Burning American flag
  • Bobby Seale’s hickory smoke pit marinade
  • The nape of Chuck D’s neck
  • That oddly odoriferous sweat that glosses your brow right after you defenestrate a cinder block onto a police prowler seven stories below
  • A bouquet of patchouli, nag champa, white boys and coffee shop chicks
  • That weird dish with okra and halal buffalo tripe that Noam Chomsky was cheffing up last night
  • A breakfast with no swine
  • The scent is irrelevant — the glass fist is clearly the sexual insertion industry’s accompaniment piece to the popular glass dildo
  • A bag stuffed with glorious, glorious money

EDIT: It probably smells like a bilious pool of this:

Video: Department of Eagles – “No One Does it Like You.”

April 6, 2009