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What’s Obstructing the View in the New Baseball Stadiums?

March 31, 2009


Today’s Times alledges that both the new Yankee Stadium and the Mets’ Citi Field include a number of seats with obstructed views:

The Mets and the Yankees together have spent more than $2 billion on new stadiums partly to bring fans much closer to the action. But that access comes at a cost. For the best views, fans will have to pay eye-popping prices to sit on the field level and in the decks behind home plate in seats angled toward the infield. Fans on tighter budgets, though, will have to settle for seats in far-off sections, some of which have obstructed views of the field.

Mets fans learned this out the hard way on Sunday, when St. John’s and Georgetown played the first game at Citi Field. Steven Gottesman, who has a 15-game ticket plan, went to see his four seats in Section 533, Row 15, near the top of the upper deck down the left-field line. To his “shock and horror,” he could not see the warning track or about 20 feet of the outfield from the left-field line to center field.

Some Yankee fans will have it even worse. That is because the 1,048 bleacher seats in Sections 201 and 239 have views partially blocked by the walls of the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar, which sits above Monument Park behind the center-field fence. Fans in Section 201, for instance, will not be able to see left field and, in some cases, even third base.

More details on seating issues are emerging:

  • Yankee fans in Section 310 are in the direct scent-line of Roger Clemens’ Fiery Groin Salsa Shed®.
  • Two bleacher rows in Citi Field are actually in Hagerstown, home of the South Atlantic League’s Hagerstown Suns.
  • The seats in Yankee Stadium’s Section 231 are mirror images of Section 230, and are used primarily for Details photo spreads.
  • Keith Hernandez and John Franco are getting the band back together and claim the acoustics in Section 144 make John sound exactly like that one girl from MoKenStef — what was her name, KenStef, maybe?
  • As part of mountainous pitcher C.C. Sabathia’s free agent agreement, four seats at every home game will be reserved for his thighs.
  • The seats in Citi Field are scheduled to collapse late in the season.
  • Views in 97% of the seats in the new Yankee Stadium are obstructed by overweight cretins from New Jersey who insist their girlfriends don Derek Jeter jerseys before engaging in “captain clutch ass play.”
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